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The Best Halloween Series And Movies On Amazon Prime October 2020

Amazon Prime is here to save your October with a massive list of new and old horror movies. Move over Huluween; it’s time for the October of Prime.

For Halloween lovers, October is usually the best time of the year. This year some things are unfortunately going to look different. No more spooky parties, haunted houses require masks for everyone, and sadly no Trick or Treating. It’s a lot for a horror hound to take in. Luckily, Amazon Prime is stepping up to help out. While they can’t cure COVID-19, they can ensure we still have some delightful, horrific fun by providing a bounty of fantastic films and series. There are classics, slashics, psychological thrillers, gorefests, and even four new movies from the new King of horror Blumhouse. Horror movies were made for social distancing. No one wants to be within six feet of a killer. Grab your popcorn and load up Amazon Prime. They’ve got the Halloween season covered.

Amazon Prime often gets overlooked next to Netflix and Hulu. It’s unfortunate because they easily have the widest variety of horror available across all of the “free” platforms. 2020 may be a dumpster fire, but October doesn’t have to be a nightmare(unless you want it to be). Best of all, everything on this list, including the originals, is free with your Prime membership. Save those pennies to buy your candy. Better still order it from Amazon and have it delivered like a real couch potato. Here are all The Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime Halloween 2020.

Courtesy of Amazon Prime

For The Whole Family

I’ve been watching horror movies since I was little. Granted, back then, they were more Casper than Candyman, but luckily horror doesn’t discriminate based on age, and even the littlest fans have something to watch. Here are the best for the wee goblins.

Bug Diaries- Bug-A-Boo

This Amazon Prime Original Series is adorable. From the book series by Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss, it’s a favorite of the little tots. It’s perfect for the pre-school set.


This David Bowie classic has endured for a good reason. It is fantastic. The costumes, the storyline, the unbelievable performances by Bowie, and a very young Jennifer Connelly, and those dance numbers are all can’t miss.

Room On The Broom

Easily one of the sweetest Halloween books in years, this animated special is perfect for the toddlers in your life.

Just Add Magic

This tween series is ideal for slightly older kids. It’s like a sweeter, younger Charmed. There’s plenty to love with four seasons.

Spooky Songs For Halloween

If sing-a-longs are more your speed, there are several song compilation videos to exorcise those tiny vocal cords.

Arthur And The Haunted Tree House

Arthur is an excellent longstanding animated series that is a safe bet for the whole family. He’s kind and sweet, so the kiddos will learn a lesson, and there’s just enough spookiness to make it fun.

If You Give A Mouse A Pumpkin

You know the drill. If you give a pig a pancake, craziness ensues. Things are no different here when you give a mouse a pumpkin.

Amazon Prime Utopia
Courtesy of Amazon Prime

Television Series

If you are looking for a good extended binge, the series on this list will keep your heart pounding for hours. Some are horror-lite, but all are great series that you will love. Amazon Prime Original Truth Seekers drops on October 30th, so it’s just in time for Halloween.


If you haven’t watched Utopia yet, get on it! It’s full of fantastic music, great gore, and more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

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If crime thrillers are more of your thing, Absentia is fantastic. There are three seasons to keep you busy for a good while. It is real-life scary.

Warehouse 13

Syfy’s beloved series has history lessons as well as scares, so it’s fun for everybody. The cast is supremely likable, and the artifacts are one of a kind.

The Boys

The Boys Season 2 has eclipsed all other series of 2020 as the most talked about. Season 1 was great, but Season 2 is just what the Butcher ordered.

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Truth Seekers

This Amazon Prime Original Series promises plenty of chuckles with your scares. There’s a conspiracy and supernatural hijinks. What more could you want?

Amazon Prime Black Box
Mamoudou Athie as Nolan in BLACK BOX


Welcome to Blumhouse will introduce four of their eight films during the month of October with Lie, Black Box, Nocturne, and Evil Eye. Each promises a different spin on horror. Sci-fi/horror, psychological, or paranormal frights can all be had. More meta than any film has a right to be The Cabin In The Woods is a cult favorite and ripe for so much conversation later. Silent Hill is worth resisting(no pun intended) if for the monsters alone. Creature design brings the game baddies to the screen with horrifying results. I’m a sucker for the twist of M. Night Shyamalan’s work and The Village not only has a great twist but the cinematography and performances by Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix, and Adrian Brody are top-notch. Finally, make it an Ari Aster night and watch Hereditary and Mdsommar. Both are unexpected brutal and have imagery you won’t soon forget.

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Hagazussa-Best Independent Horror Movies On Shudder

Best Horror Movies You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

There is a glut of weird horror out there for the adventurous. Who’s Watching Oliver is as vicious as it gets, and The Poughkeepsie Tapes would make a nice one-two punch paired with it for a night of gore. If you like a good mindbender Hagazussa, Braid, and Vivarium should be your go-to’s this Halloween. Psychologically scarring Sun Choke and Climax should sufficiently melt your brains and haunt your dreams. Time looping Coherence is a smart horror done right while Starfish is thoughtful and beautiful. It is an unexpected delight of Lovecraftian terrors. Clive Barker fans should check out the lesser-known The Lord Of Illusions. There are a few scenes you won’t ever forget. The final act is just bonkers. The Vast Of Night is a bizarre experimental experience you have to see to believe.

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That should keep you busy for the entire month of October. Just in case you burn through all of these, head over to Amazon’s entirely free streamer IMDb TV for even more choices.