The Dark Zone

The Dark Zone Streams For 4 Continuous Days In The Queen Mary Because Halloween Isn’t Cancelled

Just because we can’t trick or treat or go to costume parties doesn’t mean Halloween is ruined. The Dark Zone is back with another multi-day live stream ghost hunt that is the biggest, wildest, and potentially scariest virtual party you have ever been to. For the first time, you, the viewer, will have unprecedented access to all the old ship’s secrets. For those who tuned in for the Lizzie Borden haunt and The Conjuring house event, you know The Dark Zone brings a cool mix of history, pop culture, and spirits.

The Queen Mary Halloween event looks to build on the previous two’s success and create something truly unforgettable. If you’ve ever wanted to glue yourself to a screen while ghosts bob and weave from your sight, now is the time to get on board. Grab your eye drops and a blanket to hide your face because this ship has many ghosts.

Halloween is not canceled! The Dark Zone Network announces their biggest Live Streaming Virtual Paranormal Event yet! The revolutionary and innovative creative team at The Dark Zone Network ( is at it again! This time, the people that brought you ground-breaking television like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Mine, Mountain Monsters, and more, thrill and entertain viewers with four fully packed days of ghost hunting and Halloween festivities – music and celebration at the world’s most haunted ghost ship, the Queen Mary. Do not miss their latest—and BIGGEST–live streaming, interactive, fully immersive virtual global event.

“The Queen Mary – LIVE: A Virtual Haunt and Music Fest!”

Hosted by renowned resident apparitionist Aiden Sinclair, partner Becca Knight, and The Dark Zone’s Susan Slaughter, viewers will be treated to more ghost hunting over four days than seen on most reality ghost hunting shows. This is a fully immersive, interactive experience as viewers watch
the locked-down camera feeds from the safety of their living room couches, looking for shadow figures, objects moving, or even full-bodied apparitions. When they spot them, and they always do, they’ll communicate directly with The Dark Zone and the on-site investigators to tell them where to
investigate next.

Because it’s their favorite holiday, The Dark Zone will host a full, live-streaming Halloween party and Day of the Dead celebration. TDZ proudly announces music performances from Silversun Pickups, Filter, Beasto Blanco, Dead Sara, Metalachi, and Sound Barrier, as well as celebrity guests
Kane Hodder (Jason from Friday the 13th), Chad Lindberg (Supernatural), Calico Cooper (Alice Cooper’s daughter/Beasto Blanco’s lead singer), and Britton Buchanan (The Voice). There will even be a virtual costume contest with prize giveaways. Oh, and there will be ghosts – and ghost hunters.

This event will feature some of the biggest names in the paranormal ghost hunting community. Watch as they search around in the deepest, darkest depths of The Queen Mary, looking for what goes bump in the night. Never before has anyone had full and unrestricted access to the Queen Mary. Because it is currently closed to the public, every level, every haunted area will be virtually accessible by anyone watching the live stream. For the first time, the world’s most haunted ghost ship will reveal her secrets to The Dark Zone’s worldwide audience.

Step into The Dark Zone on October 29th through November 1st for four terrifying nights of Halloween on the haunted Queen Mary. Tickets are only $19.99 for this once in a lifetime, live streaming, fully immersive, virtual event. Go to for your all-access pass. Live, multi-channel stream available to view on Roku and Apple TV. There will be a free preview on The Dark Zone’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page, Wednesday, October 28th, at 5 pm PT.