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The Horror Pod Class Episode 110- His House

Live from the Dr. Henry Armitage Memorial High School AV Room

Welcome to episode 109 of The Horror Pod Class. My name is Tyler and I run Signal Horizon a magazine dedicated to exploring genre fiction in and out of the classroom. 

Orrin: And I’m Orrin Grey, Monster Ambassador and general gadabout here at Signal Horizon.

Tyler: Tonight on the Horror Pod Class we are going to spend some time talking about what we have been watching and reading, we will help you find some free genre content on the internet and finally we will spend the remainder of the episode discussing The timely new release from Netflix HIS HOUSE


Tyler: Anything for Jackson saw it at Nightstream. Good stuff didn’t nail the landing. Really dug The Dark and the Wicked. Its bleak which usually isn’t my thing but I loved what it did. Its out on the 15th from RLJE and Shudder.

Orrin: Reading Dark Revelations by Amanda Downum

Dark Corners of the Web

The Left Right Game-Tessa Thompson newly picked up as an amazon original


filled with horror cliches, stupid plot holes, underveloped characters and tons of exposition. the story telling was really the worst part, as the characters just say shit and hope it sticks, I really couldn’t find anything even remotely enjoyable and for the life of me I cannot understand the high rating other than “well it’s about immigrants”. For the love of god, just watch a documentary about immigration instead.

Four Movies Like This:

Tyler: Serpent and the Rainbow and The People Under the Stairs

Orrin: The Canal (2014) and Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

Next: Krampus motherfuckers