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The Horror Pod Class Episode 115: Blood on Satan’s Claw

Tyler: live from the Dr. Henry Armitage Memorial High School AV Room

Welcome to episode 115 of The Horror Pod Class. My name is Tyler and I run Signal Horizon a magazine dedicated to exploring genre fiction in and out of the classroom. 

Orrin: And I’m Orrin Grey, author and general purveyor of weirdness here at Signal Horizon and elsewhere.

Tyler: Tonight on the Horror Pod Class we are going to spend some time talking about what we have been watching and reading, we will help you find some free genre content on the internet and finally we will spend the remainder of the episode exploring our folk horror roots with the 1971 Folk horror basic Blood on Satan’s Claw.

What Have we Been Watching

Tyler: Archenemy Gritty action super hero DVD has a great BTS feature (Out February 16th from RLJE) , Shadows and Tall Tree’s Anthology from Undertow, Silence and the Darkness (Out now on VOD)

Orrin: Well, I guess I can reveal that I’ve been watching Friday the 13th: The Series for my new column at Signal Horizon!


 La Llorona, Lovecraft Country and Promising Young Woman received Golden Globe Nominations. 

Trivial Pursuit

Dark Corners of the Web

Work Day from Kurt Fawver

Essential Question: Using Blood on Satan’s Claw how was Folk Horror Evolved


Complete credited cast:

Patrick Wymark Patrick Wymark … The Judge

Linda Hayden Linda Hayden … Angel Blake

Barry Andrews Barry Andrews … Ralph Gower

Michele Dotrice Michele Dotrice … Margaret

Wendy Padbury Wendy Padbury … Cathy Vespers

Anthony Ainley Anthony Ainley … Reverend Fallowfield

Charlotte Mitchell Charlotte Mitchell … Ellen

Tamara Ustinov Tamara Ustinov … Rosalind Barton

Simon Williams Simon Williams … Peter Edmonton

James Hayter James Hayter … Squire Middleton

Howard Goorney Howard Goorney … The Doctor

Avice Landone Avice Landone … Isobel Banham (as Avice Landon)

Robin Davies Robin Davies … Mark Vespers

Defining Folk Horror

Paper is By Dawn Keetly from Horror Homeroom we like them!r

Paper indicates some qualities of FH

  1. Countryside
  2. Monstrous Tribes
  3. “A Society that believes in a witch” not that the witch exists.

Some notes on the origin of the term and this film’s place in the “Unholy Trinity”

Winter’s Bone as Folk Horror

Rural Missouri as a place of folklore

Modern Folk Horror

Opening Scene of Satan’s Claw

Four Movies

Tyler: Antrum and Wicker Man

Orrin: Witchfinder General and The Witches (1966)

Anonymous Leterboxd User

I was assured that The Blood on Satan’s Claw was an actually good film for years. Upon watching it I discovered that it is a terribly boring movie but it shows a lot of boobs, which helped tremendously. If you would like to see some terrific female nudity you could watch The Blood on Satan’s Claw or you could google “breasts” and see something equally as impressive.

Tyler:  Rawhead Rex

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