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The Horror Pod Class: Episode 121 Popcorn

Tyler: live from the Dr. Henry Armitage Memorial High School AV Room

Welcome to episode 119 of The Horror Pod Class. My name is Tyler and I am the editor in chief of  Signal Horizon a magazine dedicated to exploring genre fiction in and out of the classroom. 

Tyler: Tonight on the Horror Pod Class we are going to spend some time talking about what we have been watching and reading, we will help you find some free genre content on the internet and finally we will spend the remainder of this episode urging everyone to check out your local movie theatre and celebrating those theatres while discussing the 1991 movie Popcorn!

What are we watching

Tyler: House at the bottom of the lake by Josh Malerman. So good. 

Orrin: New Junji Ito! A handful of things at Panic Fest.

Dark Corners of the web: on crypt tv

Essential Question: What commentary does Popcorn offer about the future of The Movie Theatre. 

Written by Alan Ormsby and Mitchell Smith and directed by  Mark Herrier, and an uncredited  Alan Ormsby

A master of disguise deranged killer begins killing off the college students who are organizing a horror-movie marathon in an abandoned theater.

Or what would happen….

If William Castle was cast as Jigsaw.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Jill SchoelenJill SchoelenMaggie
Tom VillardTom VillardToby
Dee WallaceDee WallaceSuzanne (as Dee Wallace-Stone)
Derek RydallDerek RydallMark
Malcolm DanareMalcolm DanareBud
Elliott HurstElliott HurstLeon
Ivette SolerIvette SolerJoannie
Freddie SimpsonFreddie SimpsonTina (as Freddie Marie Simpson)
Kelly Jo MinterKelly Jo MinterCheryl
Karen LorreKaren LorreJoy (as Karen Witter)
Ray WalstonRay WalstonDr. Mnesyne
Tony RobertsTony RobertsMr. Davis
Scott ThompsonScott ThompsonBearded Guy
Will KnickerbockerWill KnickerbockerLandlord / Warden
Ethan OrmsbyEthan OrmsbyTwo Headed Guy

Weird director was Billy in Porky’s 


Kelly Joe Minter!!!!!

Lets Talk about the individual movies

The Possessor

Electric Man

The Mosquito

THe Stench

Four Movies:

Orrin – The Last Matinee and Scream 4 and/or The Tingler

Tyler: WaxWork, Porno also Summer School 

Anonymous LetterBoxd User

You will believe a clumsily self-aware horror film whose original director was replaced by an actor from Porky’s, whose script throws in unexplained supernatural bullshit in the form of letters leaping from a movie theater marquee, whose idea of character-building dialogue involves some college-aged idiot spouting off unfunny sub-Armondian nonsense about Police Academy 5 having more merit than any of “Inguhmar” Bergman’s “smorgasborgs,” whose death tableaus involve explosive knock-out-gas pellets dropped into toilets (in a toilet stall that locks from the outside?), and whose end credits are scored by a novelty rap number that makes Barney Rubble’s Fruity Pebbles rap sound like a Christopher Wallace freestyle, is a tedious soul-draining piece of garbage. & if anyone involved with the production of this mess (as “reported” by IMDb trivia) actually claimed Coffin Joe was an inspiration for the staple-faced mask-happy baddie, JJM should sue them to hell and back. At least we’ll always have Jill Schoelen’s bangs.