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The Horror Pod Class Episode 134: Better Watch Out

Welcome to Episode 134 of the Horror Pod Class. My name is Tyler Unsell and by day I am a just an ordinary teacher but by night I transform to an ordinary teacher with crippling anxiety that likes to talk about spooky shit. I am joined tonight as I am most nights by The cohostest with the mostest. The most salient skeleton I know…Orrin Grey. What have you been up to since we last appeared here man?

Orrin: Mostly the usual, although December is starting to sorta wind down compared to October/November, finally, so that’s been nice. 

Tyler: Tonight we start our holiday countdown. First we will discuss what we are reading and watching and then the boys will go to room 101 to learn about their bodies with Mr. Weiss and the girls will go to room 102 and learn about theirs with Mrs. Owens as we look at the state of sex education through the eyes of Better Watch Out. 

What Have We Been Watching/Reading

Tyler: Tribe by Sebastian Junger and Benedetta new Paul Verhoeven

Orrin: A whole lot of nothing, for various reasons, though I did finally watch the original Nightmare Alley, from 1947, in preparation for GdT’s remake.

Essential Question: What Can Better Watch Out tell us about the state of Sex Education

directed by 

Chris Peckover

Writing Credits  

Zack Kahn(story by)
Zack Kahn(written by) &
Chris Peckover(written by)

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Olivia DeJongeOlivia DeJongeAshley
Levi MillerLevi MillerLuke
Ed OxenbouldEd OxenbouldGarrett
Aleks MikicAleks MikicRicky
Dacre MontgomeryDacre MontgomeryJeremy
Patrick WarburtonPatrick WarburtonRobert Lerner
Virginia MadsenVirginia MadsenDeandra Lerner
Alexandra MatuskoAlexandra MatuskoScary Movie Girl
Georgia HollandGeorgia HollandScary Movie Girl
Beau AndreBeau AndreThe Mangler
Michi FiferMichi FiferChristmas Caroler
Tara Jade BorgTara Jade BorgChristmas Caroler
Tricia Mary HennessyTricia Mary HennessyChristmas Caroler (as Tricia Hennessy)
Mary ClearkinMary ClearkinChristmas Caroler
Hugo MonottiHugo MonottiChristmas Caroler
Brendan ClearkinBrendan ClearkinChristmas Caroler
Christopher MoriartyChristopher MoriartyPolice Officer
Theresa DuongTheresa DuongPolice Officer
Matteo D'AgostinoMatteo D’AgostinoPolice Officer
Lisa ThornquestLisa ThornquestPolice Officer

Home Invasion for the holidays

designed by Richard Hobbs, who was also the supervising art director for Mad Max: Fury Road,

Olivia DeJong is also in M. Nights The Visit which is a personal favorite and resurrected his career so he could kill it again with Old

Boy relationships are complex man. Like for real. We hear a lot about female relationships but HS boys are fucked. 

Doorknobs way to high

This AMA is great

Voice cracks are great

State of Sex Education

LOL only 13 states require it to be to be anatomically correct

Sex Education and Consent

4 Movies

Tyler: The Babysitter, Krampus (Weak Rec)

Orrin: Ruin Me, The Ref