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The Horror Pod Class Presents: Scream 2 With Director Clayton Scott

Tyler: Hey everybody this is Tyler Unsell and…

Orrin:  This is Orrin Grey

Tyler: And Welcome to The Horror Pod Class

Tyler: Every two weeks Orrin and I get to gather to discuss how our featured horror movie might be used in the classroom. Tonight we are joined by Director Clayton Scott whose debut Below the Fold is quick moving police procedural set here in missouri. Congratulations on the release Clayton and welcome to pod man! 


What Are We Watching/Reading Excited About

Tyler: The Alpines, The Deep by Nick Cutter, Yellow FRIGGIN Jackets

Orrin: Whole lotta nothing, though I caught Clayton’s movie Below the Fold just before this show because I missed it at Panic Fest.

Time For Scream 2

Essential Question. Does Scream 2 accurately point out that Greek Tragedies were the first horror films.

Tragedy makes up for its lack of graphic displays of violence through its use of the ekkyklema, a mechanism used to wheel dead bodies onto the stage.

The ekkyklema is often used to evoke an emotional reaction from the Chorus, the internal audience of Greek tragedy. But the thrill and shock of seeing the gruesome bodies is clearly also aimed at the theater audience. The sight of Cassandra and Agamemnon’s bodies at the end of Aeschylus’ Agamemnon shocks the Chorus and prompts them to rebel against Clytemnestra, the murderer. The external audience, however, already knows that the characters are dead. The effect the ekkyklema produces for them is revulsion at the butchered bodies.

The miasma of the House of Prescott

Ok so I think an underated element of the scream movies is that they often present a character doing something smart. CiP gail in the recording studio

Conflation of the Horror and The Tragedy Mask

Lesson Learned: Student Loans turn people into serial killers

Cassandra Trope

LOL Owen Wilson

So the commentary on Black horror cinema is interesting in the context of horror noire


Also I love Jamie Kennedy. Prove me wrong

Was Deweys Music always twin peaks?

4 Corners

Tyler: Urban Legend, Wishmaster 2

Orrin: Black Christmas, Urban Legends: Final Cut

Clayton: American Pie 2, Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors