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The Horror Pod Class Presents: Scream 4

Tyler: Every two weeks Orrin and I get to gather to discuss how our featured horror movie might be used in the classroom. Today we tackle the Essential Question: Does Scream 4 accurately predict the rise of influencer culture. 

What Are We Excited About

Tyler: Don’t Look Up, The Empty Man, The Deep by Christopher Golden

Orrin: Nothing much that’s new (or horror), but I started digging into the Shawscope box from Arrow with King Boxer.

Essential Question: Does Scream 4 accurately predict the rise of influencer culture.

Ten years have passed, and Sidney Prescott, who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the Ghostface Killer.

Top cast


Neve Campbell

Courteney Cox

David Arquette

Lucy Hale

Roger Jackson

Shenae Grimes-Beech

Dane Farwell

Anna Paquin

Kristen Bell

Aimee Teegarden

Britt Robertson

Alison Brie

Hayden Panettiere

Emma Roberts

Marielle Jaffe

Marley Shelton

Nancy O’Dell

Erik Knudsen

Scream 4 has a total of fourteen death scenes; all at least five to ten minutes long. Even with the minimum being five minutes, the death scenes alone would take up half of the film. The focus on the film is now  on the brutality, as opposed to the story.

Scream4 might be the most gruesome installment of the franchise. The death of Olivia (Marielle Jaffe) is possibily the mostgruesome murder alone in the entire franchise. She is stabbed to death a number of times: herentire bed and room is covered with blood. Her walls are basically painted with blood, barely a speck of white from her wall is showing. She is thrown out of a window, and Ghostface shows

her off for her family to see. After she is stabbed to death, she gets her intestines spilled out. The camera focuses on a still shot of her covered in blood with her intestines covering her bed.There is also Jenny’s (Aimee Teegarden) brutal death. After she is stabbed in the back multiple times, she tries to escape through a garage door, an homage to the first Scream,and her back is crushed by the garage door. Even after this unimaginable torture, she is then stabbed in the chest,and is bound to a chair.Why does the look of someone tortured to death not terrify some viewers? Why does the amount of gore heighten so significantly by the fourth installment in the franchise? This escalation of grimness is important to note, as violence being repeatedly shown can change one’s perspective towards violence: “Chronic media violence exposure seems to have long-term effects on viewers’ attitudes toward violence and victims of violence through the process of desensitization. 

Rules: 1. Filming Murders. Real Time: Eerily like mass shooters. 

2. Opening Sequence

3. Kills are extreme

4. Be Gay. That joke didn’t land

5. Reverse is the new standard

Tik Tok and Mass Shootings. 

“I don’t need friends I need fans”.  Boy oh Boy. So fucking good.

Rules of Horror Movies:

Social Media

Scream movies are always self aware. SM rewards those that aren’t. 

4 Corners

Tyler: The Final Girls, The Faculty

Orrin: The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014), and (hear me out here) the Veronica Mars movie, also from 2014

I feel like one of these should be either Tragedy Girls or Assassination Nation, but since I haven’t seen either of those, they can’t be.