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The Horror Pod Class Season 3 Episode 25: Haunt (2019) and a Brief History of Commercial Haunted Houses

Welcome to the Junior Year Episode 25 of the Horror Pod Class.  My name is Tyler and I am the editor in chief of Signal Horizon a company dedicated to exploring horror in and out of the classroom.  When I am not managing signal horizon I am a teacher at a local hs here in KC Missouri.  Tonight I am joined by my cohost and monster ambassador here at SH, award winning writer Orrin Grey. (Say HI Orrin)   Today we will take some time to talk about what we have seen and read lately explore some free horror on the internet and finish with an in depth discussion of the movie Haunt

What we are excited about.

Tyler: Penny Dreadful, Blood Quantum, 

Orrin: Terror Eyes, which I watched as a livestream of Analog Sunday

Dark Corner of the Web: Michael Wehunt

Essential Question: Does the movie Haunt give us insight into the history of Commercial Haunted Houses. 

Horror Pod Class Study Group:

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RT Summary: A group of friends look for the thrill of a lifetime when they enter a haunted house that supposedly brings their deepest darkest fears to life. Things get dangerous, however, when they realize that haunted house’s scares may be more than make-believe.

History of Commericial Haunted Houses

1937 Party Pamphlet

An outside entrance leads to a rendezvous with ghosts and witches in the cellar or attic. Hang old fur, strips of raw liver on walls, where one feels his way to dark steps….Weird moans and howls come from dark corners, damp sponges and hair nets hung from the ceiling touch his face….Doorways are blockaded so that guests must crawl through a long dark tunnel….At the end he hears a plaintive ‘meow’ and sees a black cardboard cat outlined in luminous paint…”

The Evolution of Dark rides from Carnival dark rides and ghost houses

The Haunted Mansion is perhaps the most well known

Bob Burns-Horror Movies-Modern moving Tableau’s even did Alien

Of Course Hell Houses with Evangelical Christians

Secret Cinema!

List of Extreme Haunts
  1. McKaney Manor
  2. Blackout

On Shudder the Art of the Scare

AAU…No time for the bad student this week.

Next Week Cursed Films, Fury of the Demon, and Antrum