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The Horror Pod Class: Season 3 Episode 29: The Monster Club With Jason Teal

Welcome to the Junior Year Episode 28 of the Horror Pod Class. My name is Tyler and I am the editor-in-chief of Signal Horizon, a magazine dedicated to exploring horror both in and out of the classroom. When I’m not managing Signal Horizon, I am a teacher at a local high school here in Kansas City, Missouri. Tonight, as I am every night, I am joined by my co-host and monster ambassador here at Signal Horizon, award-winning writer Orrin Grey! Today we have a very special guest.

Jason Teal is a writer, editor and publisher at Heavy Feather Review, He is a specter now living in the Little Apple of Kansas. His first book, We Were Called Specimens: An Oral Archive of Deity Marjorie, is forthcoming from KERNPUNKT Press in July 2020. He currently hosts Driptorch Open Mic + Featured Readings at Arrow Coffee Co. One last rec from Jason.

Welcome to the show JASON

What have we been reading or watching

Jason: Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell (More stories about cancer and space ships casper kelly), What We Do in the Shadows, One Bloody Thing After Another Joey Comeau. John Waters-This Young Monster by Charlie Fox from The Lifted Brow publishing.

Orrin: The Vast of Night

Tyler:  Beach House, The Relic, Mostly the protests, Also One Cut of the Dead

Dark Corners of the Web

Nebula Award Finalist for Best Short Story

I (28M) created a deepfake girlfriend and now my parents think we’re getting married

A fiction story about artificial romance

By Fonda Lee

Essential Question: What Can The Monster Club teach us about how to structure an anthology. 

Range of voices tones, styles, approaches to storytelling. If you don’t have those then why read a book!

Gooey center is where the humor sleeps lest the entire collection become a joke

R Chetwynd-Hayes British pulp fiction writer – the bookstore display we always wanted but never see; also the author being amused by their work on display, funny

Roy Ward Baker – Hammer director / Milton Subotsky producer of Amicus films, one of which, From Beyond the Grave, also based on stories Chetwynd-Hayes wrote 

Sword & Sorcery productions started after Amicus – something like Full Moon Features today? Or is there too big a difference?

They’re so obviously masks – camp played up for lighthearted tender hearted celebrations?

Great Opening Band

I would totally go to the Monster Club. It feels like a holiday pop up bar. 

This cool stuff could only exist in KC, not my kansas…

Wait is the author drinking o positive blood with Erasmus? They didn’t say what he ordered…

RA Bakerton is an amazing songwriter that sounds like Al Yankovic doing Monster Mash (see “Bang Bang”)—also the band Night (Stevie Vann strip song)  and UB40 (soundtrack only) somehow attached to this film; or the lost art of the compilation album

I want the monster genealogy chart bad! 

23&me but monsters – could be a hit like Japanese Fighting MonstersTM (Digimon is a recent obsession of mine and confuses the heck out of any traceable genealogy)

Read All the stories Vallencourt Books

Basic Rules of Monsterdom

Vampires suck

Werewolves hunt

Ghouls tear

Shaddys lick

Maddys yawn

Mocks blow

Shadmocks whistle

The cat steals the show – other famous horror cats?

Donald Pleasance’s BSquad of vampire hunters – why is he a clergy before he is a blues brother? And why violins?

Meta humegoo story about making a movie feels meta, and necessary for any anthology

Humor and horror are the perfect couple – I need to read more of Cherwynd-Hayes’ work (even the anthology by Stephen Jones I guess)

Crazy use of multiple formats – EC comic style exposition and animated strip tease; haven’t seen a modern movie take a stab at this since Starfish, and to much different results

Stake proof vests – how do they work? And why are the stakes sanded and stained?

Check out the music below

Not everybody likes this


I only had to watch 5 minutes of this movie to know what it was going to be like. Humans and monsters as friends is just impossible. Also, the monsters aren’t classic (like Dracula is just chatting away) instead of everyone being more scary they’re just like humans themselves, only worse… You don’t even have to look at this review to know what it’s like. Nude people, more than human-like monsters, and the plot and action make this movie the lone star of the losers of the world of horror videos. One last time, I urge you: DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. Even if you didn’t watch it you’ll be glad.

Next Week: Leslie Kurtz