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The Horror Pod Class: Wax Mask

Tyler: Hey everybody this is Tyler Unsell and…

Orrin:  This is Orrin Grey

Tyler: And Welcome to The Horror Pod Class

Tyler: Every two weeks Orrin and I get to gather to discuss how our featured horror movie might be used in the classroom.tonight we explore the  Fulci/Argento colab terminator sequel that is 1997 Wax Mask. Before we get there though! Whats going on Orrin?

What are we watching?

Tyler: Silent Night RLJE , Lake Mungo new Blu Standard not region locked from Second Sight Rabbits Terry mills

Orrin: Reading Orochi by Kazuo Umezu

EQ: How does The Wax Mask unravel the relationship between art, artist, and subject. 

In 1900 Paris, a couple are horribly murdered by a masked man whose metal claw rips out their hearts. The sole survivor and witness to the massacre is a young girl. 12 years later in Rome, a new wax museum opens; its main attractions are lifelike recreations of gruesome murder scenes. A young man bets that he can spend the whole night in the museum, but the next morning he’s found dead. Soon, people start disappearing from the streets of Rome and the wax-museum halls begin filling with new figures.

Directed by 

Sergio Stivaletti

Writing Credits  

Dario Argento(story) &
Lucio Fulci(story) &
Daniele Stroppa(story)
Lucio Fulci(screenplay) &
Daniele Stroppa(screenplay)
Gaston Leroux(novel) (uncredited)
Sergio Stivaletti(uncredited)

Cast (in credits order)  

Robert HosseinRobert HosseinBoris Volkoff
Romina MondelloRomina MondelloSonia Lafont
Riccardo Serventi LonghiRiccardo Serventi LonghiAndrea Conversi
Gabriella GiorgelliGabriella GiorgelliAunt Francesca
Umberto BalliUmberto BalliAlex
Valery ValmondValery ValmondGiorgina
Gianni FrancoGianni FrancoInspector Palazzi
Antonello MurruAntonello MurruMuseum Caretaker
Daniel AuberDaniel AuberLuca (as Daniele Auber)
Romano IannelliRomano IannelliPathologist
Rosa PianetaRosa PianetaAnna’s Mother
Sonia TopazioSonia TopazioNurse
Massimo VanniMassimo VanniVictor
Aldo MassassoAldo MassassoInspector Lanvin
Sabrina PellegrinoSabrina PellegrinoElena
Giuseppina Lo VetroGiuseppina Lo VetroMadama
Luca MeméLuca MeméBrothel Patron
Goffredo UngerGoffredo UngerPuppeteer
Stefania FidottiStefania FidottiAnna
Loretta CesterLoretta CesterGirl in Waiting Room
Salvatore CammucaSalvatore CammucaGypsy
Maia AsirideMaia AsirideMadame’s Girl (as Maria Asiride)
Ginevra CasiniGinevra CasiniMadame’s Girl
Caterina CuomoCaterina CuomoMadame’s Girl
Angela D'AmbraAngela D’AmbraMadame’s Girl
Federica LeuterFederica LeuterMadame’s Girl
Antonella SanniteAntonella SanniteMadame’s Girl
Elena MarchesiniElena MarchesiniMadame’s Girl
Michela PaolucciMichela PaolucciMadame’s Girl
Elisabetta RocchettiElisabetta RocchettiMadame’s Girl

28:00 MINUTE

Wax lab looks great

Gluing in of the eyes was so good and fucked

This movie is SUPER horny too and big into voyeurism (but that feels like a giallo thing)

“She wouldnt come here on a sunday”

Feels kind of like the reverse of mill. Female protagonist. Female perspective.

Strong Frankenstein vibes. 

Great shoutout to this movie in A Quiet Place

Jack the ripper shows up in a TON of horror movies.

Special Shout out to Alchemy Horror etsy store. Stumbled upon it looking for alchemy and horror resources

4 corners

Malignant, Neon Demon

Orrin: I, Madman (1989); From Hell (2001)