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The Walten Files 3 BunnyFarm Explained

Welcome back to the Walten Files series, where all aspects of the mystery are analyzed and explained. This week The Walten Files 3 BunnyFarm is the focus. By far the most extended and most disturbing of the videos to date details precisely what happened to two of Jack and Rosemary Walten’s three children. It also introduces Jenny, and for the first time, we hear directly from Sophie. In previous videos, Sophie is only shown in a security guard uniform, and her name is mentioned multiple times, including on a pill bottle in the cartoon Bon’s Super Sleepover found in The Walten Files 1 Introductory Tape and on the Discard tape found by Ashley in the storage facility. BunnyFarm changes all of that as we watch her play the beta version of a video game and begin to remember her tragic past. Here is everything you need to know about that terrifying upload.

Gameplay from October 15th, 1982

By this point, Sophie is a young adult living at the Entfernt Hotel with Jenny Letterson. Curiously Entfernt means removed in German. Was Sophie removed, or were her memories? Jenny convinces her to go to the basement to play a Beta version of an old game. The game is called BunnyFarm and is very glitchy. Sophie accidentally types her name as Soapie and mentions to Jenny that the game feels familiar to her. While she plays, Jenny tells her about Ashley and Brian’s deaths but says they may be urban legends. Sophie avoids Sha at the beginning. After playing a few games, she eventually unlocks one of the glitched images, a warped photo of Felix. It scares her, and she decides to stop playing for the evening.

Gameplay from October 16th, 1982

When Sophie picks her file, an error message tells her the saved file is corrupted, and she should unplug the game right away. She ignores the warning and begins to play the game. During this initial game, many audio logs are revealed. The first is from Susan Woodings, who details how weird it was to open the restaurant with Jack missing and strange behavior from Bon. It also mentions that she was there for Jenny’s party. Is this the same Jenny that is now Sophie’s girlfriend? If so, how much does Jennie know? A twisted animated sequence follows with a final message congratulating Sophie on making Susan beautiful. Was the maker of the BunnyFarm aware of what Bon had been doing, or was the game possessed like Rocket? If so, by who?

Boozoo’s level brings a memory game and a spot the difference game. There is another glitch in the spot the difference game, and Felix’s face is warped and bloody. He is then heard breathing heavy, and the date 07-14-74 is seen with the words missing repeated. This seems to indicate Felix was at least present during Jack’s death. We don’t know yet whether he was the killer, an accomplice, or a scared witness.

In Sha’s portion of the BunnyFarm game, the broken Bon appears. In the hide and seek game, Sha is found broken and asks Sophie if she still finds her beautiful. The last words Rosemary heard presumably the call that lured her backstage is repeated, then the date of her disappearance and the words missing.


After winning all of these levels, the Memory Bear rises from a well and welcomes Sophie to his Magic Fountain of Memories. A picture of a house appears with the date 05-02-74. Sophie remembers hearing a conversation between her father and Felix on that day. Jack asked Felix to drive Molly and Edd to a school party at 5:00 and then home at 9:00. Jack explains he is still at work, and Rosemary is taking Sophie to the dentist. Felix reluctantly agrees and picks the children up. During the school party, Felix gets loaded at the drinking station. Sophie’s gameplay now changes to the avatar of two children holding hands, sometimes shaded red and others black.

The following sequence is not a memory but a playback of the events of the car ride home. Felix weaves all over the road and drives fast while Molly and Edd tell him it’s okay he feels terrible. The text on the bottom of the screen does not match the audio, however. It says repeatedly it’s all your fault. Clearly, Felix feels intense guilt for the accident and isn’t a monster so much as a very flawed man whose addiction got the better of him. Following the accident, Felix buried the kids in Saint Juanas Forest and avoided Jack’s phone calls. The kids’ spirits attach to Rocket, who undoubtedly haunted Felix and contributed to his already deteriorated mental state. This is probably why Rocket is in the K9 Storage Facility. Felix may have realized rocket was an Annabelle-type doll who he needed to lock away.

The main questions from this portion of BunnyFarm pertain to the timeline. Molly and Edd died on May 2nd, 1974, but Jack doesn’t go missing until June 11th, 1974. Did Felix manage to keep the accident a secret for six weeks? If so, how did he explain his disappearing act for hours after he was supposed to return the kids? If Jack knew, why didn’t he tell the authorities? It is unthinkable that Jack knew what Felix had done and did not report it. I think most likely Felix concocted a story that Jack believed for six weeks until he learned the truth on June 11th, and he was killed by Felix or another unknown party to protect Bon’s Burgers. Molly and Edd may be haunting the game as well as Rocket.

Linda’s notes in BunnyFarm

Linda Thompson, who was once Linda Kranken, has written several notes, most of which are heavily redacted. Nevertheless, in a series of barely legible handwritten notes, a picture emerges of a man with a severe drinking problem and a marriage on the rocks. Of significant importance is an event that happened in 1964. Felix came home upset very late one night. Is it possible the accident with the Walten children wasn’t his first drunk driving accident? Could there be a blackmailer out there who has slowly driven him mad? The chronological order of the notes is as follows:

  • October 30th, 1964-Linda is already worried about Felix. He is acting strangely. Felix is drinking more than usual. He came home at 4 am one night and was very agitated. She doesn’t know what to do.
  • August 23rd, 1965-Felix and Linda moved in together. The restaurant is a dream and CyberTech Fun approached them about financing it. Jack and Rosemary had their third child, Molly on August 22nd, 1965.
  • December 26th, 1970-Christmas was nice. Felix and Jack made a grey rabbit named Rocket for Molly and Ed. Felix is drinking a lot. Linda thinks he believes there is a problem but won’t do anything to help himself.
  • January 3rd, 1973-Linda is now deeply concerned for her husband. She reports that Felix drinks all the time now and regularly drinks alone in the warehouse.
  • May 2nd, 1974-Felix said something to Linda the week before that hurt her and she is leaving him. She says she knows he is busy doing a favor for Jack. Scribbled in red below the goodbye letter is an apology to Linda assumably from Felix. The assumption is Felix saw the note before leaving to get Molly and Edd. Linda’s departure caused him to drink even more than ususal.

The Comments, Morse Code, and hidden link

This video, like the ones before, was uploaded by Anthony. Anthony explains the upload took so long to finish because the recording was from a Beta version of BunnyFarm played at the Entfernt Hotel in Brighton, Michigan, by Sophie with friend Jenny present. He explains they lived there and the files were very corrupted. The entirety of the video is footage from Sophie’s gameplay. Many other files listed included one for Jenny Letterson, a janitor, 2 BSI tester, Starla, and one for Chri. I am assuming this is the mysterious Chris mentioned several times in all of the videos.

Morse Code is heard frequently during the video, including the beginning and later during the Concentration memory game. The message spells out S.O.S. Is someone trying to warn Sophie not to play or asking for help from beyond? Another link is split into two parts and displayed at the beginning and end of the video. The two parts form the URL for a hidden video titled Guilty which will be the focus of next week’s article. Finally, Sy05, who has been posting comments in all videos, left another message which, when translated using Base64, reads:

The puzzle pieces are here for you now, and they are in a similar fashion to the ones you pieced months ago. Remember the methods, look for the pieces, and you will have another segment complete.


Who is Chris?

Chris is someone who has been with the company from almost the beginning. We know very little about the character and what he did beyond the fact that he helped Susan, the engineer, in some capacity. Susan mentions him before her death in BunnyFarm and Brian Stills in his found-footage clip in tape 1. Brian’s death occurred in 1982, so the assumption is the man was living as of then. Chris seems to have insider information and longevity with a company with a history of bumping people off. Is he an accomplice to Felix? Is it possible Chris is the killer orchestrating everything but the drunk driving accident.

If Felix was so traumatized by his drunk driving and the death of the Walten children, could he have been influenced by Chris? Is he an ambitious employee who wanted to take Jack’s place? He could be the Shadow Man who has been pulling strings from before Jack’s death. It’s all supposition at this point, but Felix appears to be losing his mind between guilt, grief, and booze. If Felix isn’t the killer, Chris maybe is. Another possibility is Chris is Sy05. If he is connected to Susan somehow, he could be the coder for the animatronics, which would explain the Base64 messages. Perhaps he is both the Shadow Man and Sy05?

The characters in BunnyFarm

Only Chris, Sophie, and Felix are unaccounted for. The only one we know for sure who is still living in 1982 is Sophie. Sophie’s friend Jenny may be the same kid who had a party referenced in Susan’s audio. If so, she is also a loose thread. Since we don’t know her motivations for “helping” Sophie remember we can not rule out that she has ulterior motives. Many of the Showstoppers now have spirits and or mutilated bodies in them. Those include:

  • Banny-Susan Woodings
  • Sha-Rosemary Walten
  • Rocket-Edd and Molly Walten
  • Bon-Jack Walten(not confirmed)
  • Billy the Clown-Ashley
  • Boozoo-Charles

A transcript from the website which is considered canon seems to detail the conversation between Jenny and Sophie directly following her game play on BunnyFarm. It appears as she begins to remember the spirits of her dead family are coming back to communicate with her.

What happened, Sophie??
The game…
The game… It said m-my name. My family was there…. Mom.
Sophie, try to calm down, please, take a deep breath.
Is everything okay?
Oh god, alright uh, try to tell me what happened.
….I was… I was playing the game okay?? It was fun and then….
…and then what?
jesus I-
Sophie I’m trying to help you, but I can’t if you don’t tell me what happened.
Sophie… please.
….My family. I haven’t seen them in years.
Oh damn.

My mom disappeared one day, so did my father. It’s been a touchy subject ever since.
Sophie, I’m so sorry to hear that.

The creepy part is, I saw them again. Last night.
…I saw my mom, then….. then there was screaming, i could recognize it was her voice, who else would it b-be?”
Oh god
Then I saw my siblings, I don’t they’re gone.

I….. I don’t think they’re gone.
…Sophie, I-
You don’t believe me?
no, Sophie-
You don’t believe me.
Hey, don’t say-
Y-you think I’m making this up, d-don’t you??
Sophie, no, I believe you, I mean it.
Yes, of course i do.
Hey, don’t be. We’ll figure this out. Can you remember anything else about your family?
Do you want to remember?
Okay, god, alright, it’s alright. We’ll figure it out, We’re gonna pull through, alright? I’m going to help you.
….Thanks, Jenny..

So many questions were answered but even more popped up. Why does the record button toggle on and off during The Walten Files Tape 3 BunnyFarm? Was part of the file edited? The game has paranormal properties, which are how haunted aspects slip in and out between regular game mode scenes. If the ghosts can add things, they probably can alter them as well. Some of Sophie’s interactions may have been hidden to protect her from whoever is the killer.

Where has Sophie been for the last twelve years? Who raised her, and who has prescribed her medication. Many have posited Felix is giving her meds. That doesn’t make much sense considering she doesn’t recognize Felix right away. She didn’t leave town as she is still in the same community where Molly and Edd’s elementary school is, so he either is dead or believes she is not a threat and has remained hidden from her.

The Walten Files 3 Bunny Farm is easily the most unsettling yet. Find all our The Walten Files coverage here and watch for Guilty analysis to come.