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The Walten Files Explained Part 1- Solved, Everything You Might Have Missed

The Walten Files are an ongoing Analog Horror series with codes within codes, hidden puzzle pieces, and one mother of a secret at the center. It is inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s(FNAF). Thanks to Tik Tok the series which has been around for a while is getting more looks. The uploaded tapes to the YouTube channel presented by Martin Walls are spliced together, found footage clips, employee instructional tapes, cartoons, and linked unlisted videos. There is a lot to unpack in each upload, and the closer you look, the creepier it all becomes. This Walten Files Explained series will seek to compile the clues, hidden messages, and best theories out there. As the series continues to grow, we will continue to shine the light directly at the Shadow Man. Find the entire series here and bookmark the page as it continues to grow.

Company Files 1- Company Introductory Tape

The first upload in the Walten Files has three separate tapes included. They are an employee instructional tape, an episode of Bon’s neighborhood, an animated children’s show, and footage shot from employee Brian Stells. At first glance, the first segment appears to be a slightly warped VHS tape from the late ’70s or early ’80s. The video welcomes new employees to Bon’s Burgers, named after an animated bunny named Bon. Cyberfun Tech and Bunny Smiles Inc present it. The restaurant chain was established in 1974.

The employee introductory tape

The video begins with a welcome message thanking you for joining the company, and then the animatronic characters Bon and Boozoo sing, “The sun has got his hat on. Hip Hip Hip Horray. The son has got his hat on, and he’s coming out today.” Next, Banny sings How Much Is That Doggy In The Window, and then the group sings Old McDonald Had A Farm but with a decidedly terrifying pig squeal. Next, we are introduced to the Showstoppers Bon, Boozoo, Sha, and Banny. The tape gives the facility caretakers basic information about Bon’s Burgers. Cleaning and maintenance of the robots are listed as essential duties.

Next, a message from founders Jack Walten and Felix Kranken is read. The statement explains that money is not their primary goal. They want the employee to have a positive experience. This video was created before any of the restaurants were opened. It details the company’s founders Jack Walten and Felix Kranken, who are shown shaking hands. Pay attention to the picture because it comes up often in this upload and others. The image is always altered from this point forward with Jack cropped from the photo, or his face is frequently distorted and appears in all kinds of weird places like backpacks and missing flyers.

A spliced cut now shows a Bunny Smiles Inc. Storage Facility called K-9 in Saint Juanas Forest. This forest does not exist in our reality. The message says the storage facility was created after the incident at the 1974 restaurant resulted in it being closed for good. All puppets and animatronics are inspected thoroughly and taken to be stored forever in K9. The new facility caretakers job is securing the facility and ensuring it is working properly.

After a lengthy black screen, a cartoon version of Bon appears, and something is said in reverse. When it is played backward, the words become clear. He says, “You are starting to remember that old day(or doll-there is much debate). They will be back for you, Sophie”. There is also speculation it could say, “They will look after you, Sophie.” We have no idea who Sophie is or what “incident” happened in the restaurant in 1974 that forced its closure.

The Walten Files

Little Bon’s Neighborhood: Bon’s Super Sleepover

The poor man’s Blue’s Clues show, written by Sarah Evelyn(the real Sarah Evelyn is an award-winning costume designer), is about Bon having a sleepover and inviting Sha, Boozoo, and Billy. The video is from 1979, five years after Bon’s Burgers opened on 6/28/1974. The production company is Sunlight Animation which is a fictional animation company.

Bon is hosting a movie night. The guest list is reported a second time with Sha, Boozoo, and Jack’s picture inserted where Billy once was. Bon now has blacked-out eyes where he formerly had white eyes with black circular pupils. Bon spent all his money on the video to watch when his guests arrive. Instead of an animated drawing of a movie, a VHS tape jacket is shown with Jack’s picture and the words Home Video in reverse. Did Jack spend all the company’s money on frivolous things, or does someone think he did?

When the movie the cartoon characters are watching ends, the television is shown again, and the words “Let Me Out Of Here” are written. The bottom of the tv says Bony-1978, and there is a VCR player on the top with the word Data written. A soap dispenser that reads Bunny Smiley Soap sits next to the VCR. On the television stand is a pill bottle prescribed to Sophie Walten. A pill bottle with one of the founders of Bon’s last name on it is peculiar for a children’s show. After the movie ends, the group sleeps, but a noise in the kitchen awakens Bon. When he goes to investigate, he finds a missing flyer for Jack Walten on the television screen. By turning on closed captioning, it reveals Jack Walten was last seen June 11, 1974.

Finally, Bon finds a lighter and picks it up. When he clicks it, he turns into a girl named Sophie with an ominous-looking large Bon standing just over her shoulder. The caption says Ugh, Stay! It is interesting to note Sophie does not have a mouth. Is she unable to voice a truth because of fear, memory loss, or intimidation?

10/10/1982 found footage tape Brian Stells

A newly hired Brian records himself driving out to the K-9 storage facility at night alone. He explains he was told to document his trip and his work for company purposes. Someone names Chris told him this facility has;t been operational since 1978 or 1979. When Brian enters, he notes that it smells terrible. He finds a dilapidated Bon robot with stains and holes all over its body, including a large one in the chest. He runs diagnostics on the bunny, and it begins cackling. The video then cuts to a still image of Bon’s head with a complete row of pointy teeth and eyes that ooze a dark substance.

We next catch up with Brian running through the woods from the “thing” he saw in the facility. He screams as a nightmarish, bloody Bon presumably kills Brian. A white mask mutates from shocked to smiling. Finally, something wearing a purple security uniform is shown badly destroyed. His eyes and mouth are missing. The words below the image say, “He thought I was her. We get one final image of his ID badge before the credits roll. In Bon’s Super Sleepover, Sophie is also wearing a security uniform. This is certainly the “she” referred to in the caption.” Unfortunately, Bon mistook Brian for Sophie and paid the ultimate price.

The Comments in The Walten Files 1

In the comments section, there are three critical clues amongst all the speculatory posturing and trolling. One is from Anthony, who says,

This is a compilation of tapes created by the already extinct Bunny Smiles Company. I tried to get as much info as I could about what these tapes are. All I could find was that these tapes were handed to new employees back in 1974-1979 the rest of the tapes seem to be recorded by a new “Facility Caretaker” in the year 1982. Hopefully, I can find more tapes soon.


Below this a link to the real-life composers of the music in the video and a link to DBR Games YouTube Channel.

A bizarre random bunch of letters from Sy05 in his comments and the “About Me” section is BASE64 and translates to,

I watch within the shadows. I guide others to success. I am here to help you piece the puzzle together. I cannot give you the answers directly, but I can help you find them. Be wise or the puzzle shall forever remain unsolved. The first pieces of the puzzle have been placed. The puzzle is far from a solution, however. Be weary of the hints that appear over time. One missed direction can throw off the course of this puzzle forever.

It is important to note that SY05 translated from BASE64 to K9, which is the name of the storage facility in Saint Juanas Forest.

Finally, one final comment from Martin Walls translates from binary to, “See you in the backdoors.” In the next video that becomes clearer.

The Walten Files is an experience that is designed to make you dig deep. The farther you go down the rabbit hole, the more you find out and the more unsettled you become. This is what horror for the intelligent mind looks like. Find The Walten Files Explained Part 2 Relocate Project here. Find all of our Explained pieces here.