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The Walten Files Part 3 Lucky You Explained- All The Hidden Clues

I’m back for round three of the bizarre and layered world of the Walten Files. The Walten Files Part 3 will focus on the short but disturbing video Lucky You. This video link was given in two parts during The Walten Files 2 Relocate Project. Lucky You is different from the other videos we have discussed so far as it is not a compilation of corporate messaging and found footage. This video is seemingly for Sophie specifically. As short as the video is, there are tons of details, clues, and hints necessary to unravel the mystery. Here is everything you need to know about The Walten Files Lucky You.

The Timeline of Lucky You

Lucky You begins with a brief history lesson. As we have been told before, the first Bon’s Burgers opened on June 28th, 1974. The first birthday party was on June 30th, 1974, and there is a picture showing a group of children, some of whom look excited but others look confused and surprised. Is this just a curious camera click, or did some of the kids see something that was weird? You will remember June 30th, 1974 is significant because this is also the day Susan Woodings disappeared. In Relocate Project, her face is superimposed over Banny’s, and she is the rabbit who is starving. Susan was the head engineer in charge of animatronics before her disappearance.

The last show was on June 19th, 1974, and the restaurant closed on June 20th, 1974. October 31st, 1974, the Bon’s Burgers is condemned, and Bon can be seen through the boarded window. A snapshot of the K-9 storage facility is dated December 10th, 1974. The animatronics are dated 1/23/1975, and they are looking decidedly worse for wear.

After a lengthy black-screened pause, a voiceover speaks directly to Sophie, while each of the robots is shown in their black-eyed state and then a picture of rabbits in cages. Finally, another view of the K-9 facility is shown as someone implores Sophie there is safety in pills.

Don’t be confused by what you saw, don’t be scared my little bunny, …… eventually, do not try to solve the puzzle with the pieces you have, this is only the beginning, for I am going to tell you a story of broken people, beautiful people. He is so sorry for what he did to them but there is nothing you can do. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie. Safety in pills Sophie.

As he repeats “Safety in pills Sophie”, a clip from a video that looks like Brian Stells found footage video from The Walten Files Tape 1 rolls. We next see a corrupted Bon and hear a woman screaming. An image of Showbear comes into focus, and then a pill bottle with the name Sophie Walten on it. Sophie is Jack and Rosemary’s child. She is one of three children we know they had. As the phrase is repeated a thirteenth time, the picture of a badly damaged Bon is seen. It is the one Ashley talks about in The Walten Tapes Relocate Project. His chest has a large hole, and he is bloodied.

Instead of voiceover, at this point, text is presented.

Oh, can’t you see I made them beautiful, I don’t know how, I didn’t even mean to, but I did, they try to talk to us, through analog, they will be heard, this is their cry for help, besides they want us to know, what happened that year (1974?), but we must be patient, look, they are filled with life, they dance to the music, they laugh and sing along, they’re perfect, they are beautiful (screen darkens), they will see you soon Sophie”

Accompanioning this text are images of broken Bon, Sha, and Banny. Behind Banny is a video of rabbit herding similar to the one seen in The Walden Files Tape 2. The footage is not the same, though. Is this a subliminal message for the watcher that we are all being herded to a false truth? Is the final note, “They will see you soon, Sophie,” a warning or a promise? It all depends on who you think is trying to talk to Sophie.

Who is talking to Sophie?

The most reasonable theory is two different people are speaking to Sophie in Lucky You. One can vocalize their words. This is probably the same person who lured Rosemary to her death by yelling “Rosie” from backstage, and the other is someone who can only communicate through analog. This could be a combination of one or all of the deceased people shoved inside the animatronics. The vocal messenger is almost certainly Jack or Felix. The argument for Jack is he is there to help Sophie. The familiar use of a pet name, “my little bunny,” suggests a level of love only found in a close relative or friend means this could be Jack.

The message is clearly consoling, and he tries to tell Sophie not to blame the other person because they didn’t mean to hurt anyone. If Jack has possessed Bon, this would make sense as he can speak, but the programming of the robot overrides his possession, which is why Bon goes on rampages and kills people. Jack could be telling Sophie to forgive Felix. The only reasonable explanation for telling her to continue to take her pills, though, is fear. Jack may be convinced that if Sophie ever learns the truth, she will be in danger.

The other option is Felix is the one speaking as he has access to Bon’s programming, and he is trying to prevent Sophie from remembering what happened and ensuring he doesn’t have to kill her. He is a very close family friend and would know her pet name or even call her that himself. So when he says, “He is so sorry for what he did to them,” he could be referring to Jack having killed people while inside the Bon robot. In other words, Bon isn’t bad; he was just coded that way, and Jack is powerless to stop it. So this might be Felix’s way of atoning for the cascade of events he put in place while trying to keep Sophie from remembering everything and exposing him.

The texted version of the video is more than likely a second communicator. This person cannot speak and is forced to communicate through text only. This person could also be either Jack or Felix, depending on your reading of the message. This mind is more scattered and deranged and sees beauty in the mangled and bloodied bodies shoved into the characters. Being killed by your best friend could make you nuts, and Felix could easily be pretty sick himself. This person could also be one of many souls locked inside the Showstoppers who are communicating through analog only.

What is the significance of Showbear?

The white and bear dubbed Showbear is a character first seen in a poster in The Walten Files Tape 2 Relocate Project. However, he has a more prominent role in Lucky You leading everyone to believe not only is he significant, but he is there to help Sophie remember before it is too late. Showbear or Memory Bear is one of the only characters who is not animatronic, nor does he ever appear mangled or bloodied.

One interesting thing to note about Showbear, when he is presented on the screen, his eyes strobe almost like that of the strobing effect a hypnotist might use. Is this a clue that Showbear wants her to remember and symbolizes the work she is doing to recover those memories?

Two important details

Jack Walten had already vanished by the point the restaurant opened. Weirdly in the previous video, one of the files is signed by Jack and dated 6/28/1974 even though he was supposed to be missing on 6/11/1974. Did Felix forge his name, or was Jack not really missing yet?

The storage facility does not smell on 1/23/1975, and the robots are damaged because they had the dead people removed. It’s why it doesn’t smell yet when Ashley and the others enter. It only smells later when Brian Stells enters because Ashley’s dead body is inside Billy.

One final insane theory from Lucky You

There are some odd date discrepancies from Lucky You across the canonical timeline as we know it so far. For example, the date stamp for the picture of the K-9 Storage Facility reads December 10th, 1974. Of special note, here is the founding Cyberfun Tech date listed in the sign. It says Property of Cyberfun Tech 1975. If the picture is dated 12/10/74, how does the Cybertech Fun sign read 1975? Is this a mistake or a clue? We know Sophie is taking pills for some unknown mental ailment. They may be designed to help her remember or forget or be prescribed a more serious mental condition. Are the jumbled dates indicative of her jumbled memories?

Through Lucky You, songs from the album Everywhere At The End Of Time are heard. This album is all about dementia. Is it possible Sophie is more traumatized by what she saw than we first thought? Could all of the images and messages be the misinterpreted thoughts of a disordered mind? The strobing Showbear certainly lends credence that this could be another “character” in Sophie’s world that is actually a real person in her mental hospital.

We only scratched the surface of this rabbit hole. Find all of our The Walten Files coverage and theories here and look for next week’s addition on The Walden Files 3 BunnyFarm.