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Welcome to Drinkaway Camp

Founded in 1978, on the shores of Big Rip Lake, the original Camp Drinkwater was sadly only open for a
season. At the end of that first summer, when the campers had already gone home and the counselors
were beginning the process of closing down for the year, tragedy struck.

The newspapers called them the Drinkwater Slasher. No one knows who they were, or even if the bloody
carnage at Camp Drinkwater was the work of only a single lunatic, or a Manson Family-like group. All
that is known is that thirteen counselors lost their lives in a grisly spree that left the once-happy campsite
drowned in blood.

There was only one survivor. Deirdre “DeeDee” Lohman was the youngest of the camp counselors that
tragic year, and the police found her wandering in the woods after the massacre, covered from head to toe in blood. Though she was cleared of any wrongdoing in relation to the night’s gruesome events, she never spoke of what happened and has lived the rest of her life in seclusion, and it is said that she never
recovered and, indeed, never spoke another word after that night.

As for the slasher or slashers, they were never identified, and never caught. Authorities in 1978 claimed
that the most likely culprit drowned in Big Rip Lake on the night of the slayings, but no body was ever
produced. More than forty years have passed since that terrible night. Big Rip Lake has been filled in and paved over, and the camp has been closed for decades. But now, new owners have acquired what was once Camp Drinkwater, with plans to reopen it for a new century and new clientele. The days of children’s
sleepaway camps are behind us, but the proprietors of Drinkaway Camp have created a camp for adult
patrons, serving adult beverages.

Of course, folks in these parts have long said that if the camp ever opened up again, the Drinkwater
Slasher would return. But that’s just a legend… right? Buy your…

tickets now.