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What is Going on in Hellier? Find Out This Weekend

Planet Weird gives us a good reason to be scared with their documentary Hellier starting Friday.

Do you remember the first time you saw a good found footage film, and it was actually scary?  There have been tons since the advent of this sub-genre, most mediocre at best.  Now imagine if the deeply unsettling concern and tension you felt the whole time watching Paranormal Activity was in a real documentary.  That’s right, REAL!  Hellier from Planet Weird and director Karl Pfeiffer is real.  This isn’t a based on thing, it’s a this is what really happened thing.  This is a real town with real townfolk, real investigators, and yes, real weirdness.  It is shot very theatrically and as such does not play at all like a cheap joke.  This would be like if The Blair Witch with all it’s earnestness and sincerity was shot with fancy cameras instead of shaky hand-held ones.  It is terrifying.  It really messes with you too because you get pulled in by the high production value and then realize, holy shit these people are in actual danger.  Think the best of those ghost hunting shows only with evidence and much bigger stakes.  It’s not just a couple of people scaring themselves in the dark.  

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The five-part docu-series stars investigators Greg Newkirk, his wife Dana, and Connor Randall.  They are brought to Hellier, Kentucky(which is a super creepy name for a town) to investigate sightings of goblin-like men and UFO sightings.  The person who first contacted them seven years ago in 2012, claimed he was being tormented by monsters every night.  They were crawling out of the abandoned mine shaft on his property.  It gets even better because he has pictures.  In addition, almost this whole tiny town has some experience to add, albeit some very reluctantly.  This is a town with secrets too.  To make matters even more bizarre, whatever is happening in Hellier may have much greater implications than just this tiny coal town.  We are talking real Stranger Things kind of stuff. 

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What snagged Newkirk’s attention was the creatures sounded a great deal like the 1955 case of the Hopkinsville, Kentucky Goblin which we will see I’m sure at some point on History’s Project Blue Book.  This was one of the most highly regarded alien encounters and remains one of the most believed.  The high-level insanity goes from there.  After a quick(okay an obsessively long read) of the full account with photos and analysis leading up to the filming of Hellier, I am convinced there is something next level happening there.  

Watch the trailer above and prepare yourself for some seriously creepy stuff.  You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video, Vimeo, YouTube, and Hellier On Friday at midnight ET.  I’ll be watching Friday.  Check back in as I will be talking about this for the rest of the weekend for sure.

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  1. The thing to consider here is that “Hellier” comes almost verbatim from The Rebirth of Pan: Hidden faces of the American earth spirit by Jim Brandon. Brandon is a pseudonym of William Grimstad, a publicist for for the neo-nazi movement in America and a Holocaust denier. In the second season Newkirk refers to the book as an obscure scholarly edition only academics know about. No,no, Greg, it is a book true scholars ignore!

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