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You Season 4 Explained: Nadia And Marienne Will Take Joe Out In Season 5

Netflix’s acquisition of the sexy, sudsy, stalkery thriller, You, has proven to be a wise investment. There is something intoxicating about Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg, now living under the name Jonathan Moore. Sure, the guy is a hot mess of obsession and homicidal tendencies, but that voice, God help me, that voice. I could spend hours listening to him explain why someone is annoying(because I usually agree) and why someone else has to die(in less agreement on that one).

You Season 4 Part 2
You. Tati Gabrielle as Marienne in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

By the end of the second half of You Season 4, I still loved Joe’s voice and thick curly hair, but my fascination was waning. I still generally agreed with his disdain for most people, but I was less turned on than in the earlier seasons. Like the House Of The Dragon’s Daemon, there are a lot of red flags I shouldn’t overlook. There’s the whole incest and murder thing, but the difference between Daemon and Joe is Daemon doesn’t manipulate and stalk his love interests, even if they are related. Joe can’t help lying and gaslighting himself and the women he loves despite constantly saying how desperately he wants to be his authentic self.

He will never be happy. Joe says as much to Rhys on the bridge. He should listen because although things are coming up roses for Joe at the end of You Season 4 Part 2, it’s only a matter of time before his darker passenger takes control. Love Quinn couldn’t have been more perfect for him, and she saw exactly who he was. She did try to kill him, but that was only after he cheated. Kate is his focus now, but things won’t end differently in You Season 5.

You Season 4 came to a wild close with terrible relationships and toxic men winning. Only Lady Phoebe, who embraced a new life as a teacher, and Marienne, who is back with her daughter in Paris, are winning. Kate thinks she is making choices for the greater good, but she is deluding herself. Joe has already tainted her. Joe appears to have told her everything, but I wonder if she knows about Rhys.

In a very Tyler Durdin reveal, Joe hasn’t been stalked by master manipulator Rhys; he is Rhys. Unfortunately, when he is Rhys, he has been an even badder boy than usual. He kidnapped and held Marienne for months, sometimes without food and water, because Joe didn’t know he had done anything in the first place. He also murdered half of a wealthy friend group and tried to frame himself for the murders to blackmail himself into killing even more people. It was a lot, even for Joe.

Joe threw his alter ego Rhys off a bridge and then jumped in a fit of self-acceptance. He was fished out of the water and taken to the hospital, where Kate found him. Kate knows her father is dead and that Joe did it. When Kate’s father died, everything was left to her, and she is now wealthy and powerful beyond belief. She tells Joe she knows deep inside he is a good person, just as he knows she is good despite what she did when she was younger. Her proposition to him is to work together to keep each other good. Everything is tied up in a tidy bow when he frames Nadia for all the murders, and she is convicted. In the final moments of You Season 2 Part 2, Joe and Kate are a team.

She has employed everyone on the planet to cover up, gloss over, hide, and outright lie about anything that incriminates Joe. Finally, for the first time, he has a partner in crime with a limitless source of money and sway. They want to change the world, which sounds excellent, except Joe doesn’t always make good choices. He still sees Rhys in his reflection and admits that murder is just one of many tools at his disposal. Our only saving grace is Nadia, who hasn’t uttered a word from prison, and Marienne, who smirks at Joe’s newly spun past. Joe may think he has it all now, but he always grows bored, and Marienne and Nadia shouldn’t be counted out.

Citizen detective Nadia found Marienne, and the two devised a plan to get her out of the box and home to her daughter without being followed by Joe. Of all Joe’s conquests, Tati Gabrielle’s Marienne has always been the most unbreakable. She seemed fragile as a recovering addict, but she had someone else to fight for and knew what struggle looked like. So when Marienne faked suicide, and Joe found her, he carried her to a park bench for the authorities to find. He wanted her daughter to have closure. Nadia revived her, and she could escape back to her daughter.

We see Marienne living happily with her daughter in Paris, but she may not know about Nadia. She might also be biding her time and devising a plan to save Nadia without risking her and her daughter’s lives. I can’t imagine Marienne will turn her back on the woman who found and saved her. However, she has a reason to be scared. Joe found her once before. He might run into her again unless she has become a complete recluse. She has the advantage, though, as he doesn’t know she is alive. It’s time for Joe to become the prey for a change. Nadia is traumatized and brilliant, with emphasis on brilliant. She may have stayed silent to prepare, not because she was giving up.

No one has caught or stopped Joe yet. He’s never left two victims before, though. A reckoning is coming, and those who live in glass houses or glass-lined penthouses should be wary of stones, especially when they are being thrown by women scorned. One more season for Joe to finally gets what’s coming to him. We all love a good antihero, but Joe is no Dexter. Joe doesn’t kill to cleanse the world of killers. He kills because of annoyance, circumstance, and self-preservation. He’s Edward Norton’s Jack. Joe is too self-centered, weak, delusional, and impotent to realize who and what he is. Life isn’t always fair, but I predict in You Season 5, Joe will finally be taken down by the women whose lives he destroyed. There will be no happy ending for Joe and Kate, but there might be for Nadia and Marienne.