Come And Find Me

Come And Find Me Ending Explained- Did David And Claire Go Out In A Blaze Of Glory?

The 2015 thriller Come And Find Me by Zack Whedon is a cat and mouse story that borrows heavily from great movie partnerships like Bonnie and Clyde and Sundance and Butch. You can watch it right now on Peacock for free. The film leaves very little chance that anything could end any other way, though. Here is everything you need to know about the Come And Find Me ending.

We first meet David and Claire playing a silly game of “Are you following me?” They pretend not to know each other, but we realize it is all a joke based on their first encounter as the game plays out. When they first met, Claire thought David was following her because they both lived in the same apartment complex. Essentially that is everything you need to know about the relationship between Claire and David. She was suspicious because she had every reason to be paranoid, and David never really knew her.

David is a kind graphic artist who falls in love with the wrong girl. They two seem to fall in love, and then Claire goes missing one day with no explanation. A year later and her disappearance still haunts David. Her friend Buck shows up at his house, and the two spend the night drinking. The next day falls asleep on the bus. He arrives back home to find Buck has trashed his place, looking for something. He knocks David out and tells him he shouldn’t have come home so early.

This prompts David to begin investigating Claire. He finds a roll of film buried in a tin in the garden. Some of the pictures are innocent pictures of David, while others show people and places that make no sense. Claire shot photos of meetings between people that look like mobsters outside a chop shop. He questions the men there and shows them Claire’s pictures. The Russian goons tie him up and torture him until it becomes clear he really knows nothing.

Shortly after, Aleksandr, one of the people in the photos and present during David’s torture, breaks into his house. David manages to tie him up and questions him about Claire. Aleksandr tells him to leave everything alone. He says Claire is not who she claimed to be and tells David; Claire shot him and his brother. David takes all the film and Aleksandr’s money and travels to Vancouver to track down another man in Claire’s photos. He finds the businessman’s widow, who says she knows nothing about Claire.

Unfortunately, this draws the attention of the mob just like Aleksandr said it would. An SUV that looks just like one in Claire’s photos begins following him. He manages to escape from the man chasing him in the woods, but he gets captured by a man who says he is a US government official named Hall. Hall said Claire worked for him and was assassinated a year ago. He tells David to forget about her because it is dangerous for him to be investigating her disappearance. Hall shows David pictures proving Claire was dead.

David grows suspicious of John Hall, and Hall figures it out. Not only does David realize Hall is lying about who he says he is, but he is also lying about Claire’s death. The two wrestle over a gun, and the car they are driving in wrecks. David escapes and finds a missing flyer from a former life of Claires. This leads him to realize neither Buck nor Claire were who they claimed to be. He calls Buck and tells him he has what he has been looking for. He also calls Aleksandr and tells him he knows where Claire will be.

The ending of Come And Find Me

Throughout the film, some flashbacks set up the explosive ending. Claire and David obviously had some secrets, but they were in love. Claire returned home after claiming to be attacked but a mugger, but likely this was the incident Aleksandr told David about. She pulled back from him after the incident, and they fight. She begs him always to pull her back from that dark place, and he says he will always find her and bring her back.

Later, David finds another life where she was called Dana. He was destroyed by her disappearance but has moved on. Unlike this man, David is unwilling to move on at any cost. The two shared a bond, and David was never going to abandon the search for her. The ending of Come And Find Me plays out a little like the 1969 classic Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid.

After being tortured by John Hall’s men, David is rescued by Claire, who shoots everyone. She asks him what happened to him and why they were looking for him. David explains they were looking for her film, which he had. While running, David gets shot, and they flee on a motorcycle. They return to get her movie which proves Hall was a double agent. It was her protection. While there, as David lays dying on the floor, they decide to make a run for it. They can either go out the front door and face Hall’s men or out the back and face Aleksandr’s.

Neither is a good solution. The intercut sunny scenes of the two of them lying on the floor were memories of a previous conversation. The final shot of them walking away happy is what could have been. It is the possibilities that her spy life took from them. Just like Butch and Sundance, they probably died in a blaze of glory that the audience never sees.

Yes, there are some plot holes and things that require you to suspend belief a little, maybe a lot. The mobsters would not have released David and probably would not have gotten the jump on Aleksandr in his apartment. If you ignore all of that and just focus on the mystery and Aaron Paul, who is excellent in everything, it is a fun movie. Come And Find Me is a little predictable, but Paul and Annabelle Wallis are great. The ending leaves just a smidge of possibility that the two rode off into the sunset after surviving a massive shoot-out. It just depends on if you are an optimist or a realist.

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