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From Season 2 Episode 2 Explained-Music Boxes, Blood Worms, And Who Is Martin?

From Season 2 Episode 2 is another hour of watching people freak out and have poorly timed panic attacks. There’s not a lot of meat on the bone in this episode, but what is there is very intriguing. We still know very little about where everyone is, how they got there, or who the monsters are, but Boyd took big steps forward in the it’s only a matter of time category. By the end of the episode, Boyd is poised to either be the biggest danger or source of protection for everyone in town. Will he lose it and try to kill innocents or use his new creepy condition to save everyone?

Martin, Boyd, And The Blood Worms

In addition to the weird spider bites from last season, Boyd has been infected with whatever blood worms crawling under Martin’s skin. At the beginning of From Season 2 Episode 2, Boyd confronts the emaciated man chained to the chamber wall at the top of the well Boyd climbed out of. The man has been there for a long time and stopped counting when his captivity was measured in years. Although Martin begs to be killed, Boyd notices he is a Marine and refuses to leave him behind.

Martin knows a lot about what is happening in the town, but frustratingly, Boyd doesn’t ask any of the right questions. Martin hints at a bigger Bad than the monsters, but the conversation ends when Boyd becomes distracted by a music box with a ballerina dancing in reverse. Most things in Fromville appear to be from the prisoners’ past. They are significant totems to points in time and events that shaped their lives. Some are terrifying, like the ventriloquist dummy, and others are sources of comfort, like the bracelet.

We don’t know how the music box is important, but as Martin predicted, when the music stopped, their time was up. Before the music stopped though, Martin asked Boyd if Abby was right; it was all a dream. These unsettling words indicate everyone, and everything is connected in this place. He might have preternatural knowledge of Abby, or he could have served with her in the Marines. They were both part of the Corp.

Time may work differently in Fromville. Did the tree take Boyd to another place in time or simply another place where time stands still? Before he gets any real answers beyond cryptic comments about “things we were never meant to see,” he stabs Boyd in the arm, says his blood is my blood now, and collapses. It is worth noting that the wound is in the same place as Martin’s, which could mean Martin was infected the same way and is simply recreating a ritual done to him. It doesn’t bode well for our hero if this is the case.

From Season 2 Episode 2

The other important takeaway from this exchange is a striking resemblance to the talismans. There are two people in addition to Martin chained to the wall. The others are both dead. The talisman shows two people with a sun and moon surrounded by E’s. Is there a symmetry necessary to protect those in town? Do the forces of light and dark constantly battle for the lives and souls of those trapped in town? Is Boyd now the savior of light as Martin once was? Boyd has already shown changes after being infected. His eyesight has worsened, and he may have been hallucinating since being trapped in the well. Martin does tell Boyd when you become trapped, “they” get you.

Who “they” are and what that means is a mystery for another day. Since we know Sara also has worms under her skin, I am gravely concerned for everyone. Something instructed her to “Kill the boy,” which she took to mean Ethan, but it could have meant the Boy In White, assuming he can be killed somehow. Boyd will need to be very careful about interpreting messages. By the end of From Season 2 Episode 2, Boyd has reunited with Victor and Tabitha, and they are headed back to town with the new addition Elgin.

Victor is worried about Elgin because he instinctually knows this place is bad. He also has an understanding of how the town plays with your memories and preconceptions of things. Is Victor unaware of his connection to the town and that all the monsters are possible recreations of people who hurt him as a child? Victor doesn’t like to talk about how he got there with his mother, but the time for silence is over. The entire group should come together in the next episode and hopefully begin sharing facts.

The bus people, Jim, and the Smiling Monster

Not much happens back in town in From Season 2 Episode 2 beyond the demise of Tom, who left us too soon, and the stupidity of a number of the bus people. Kristi, her fiance, and Kenny are stuck in the most awkward love triangle ever, and Fatima loses it after the horrific events of the last few days. She doesn’t get her and Nate killed, but her erratic behavior is undoubtedly dangerous. The majority of the new people spread out and got eaten. Only a handful of bus people are left, and many of them could be liabilities. If they can assimilate quickly, a few might survive the season.

The Smiling Monster appears in From Season 2 Episode 2, attacking people and wistfully caressing the bus steering wheel. The disturbing monster smiles ear to ear without ever wavering. He also manages to convey an understanding and possible fondness for the bus. Victor drew a picture of a bus. Is it possible this man was once a bus driver who drove Victor? Is he a man who became a monster, or was he a human monster who became a killing machine?

Jim is the only person to survive the night under the collapsed house. Presumably, he was spared because Brick, Tom, and the others satiated the monsters’ hunger. Jim might also have a connection to this place that we have yet to see. Hopefully, next week we see the return of Jade and find out where Sara has been. Find all our From coverage here.