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MGM+’s From Season 2 Episode 1 Explained- Who Is The Caged Man, What’s With The Puppet and Wedding Dress, And Are We In The Neverending Story?

At the end of From Season 1, things did not look good for our group. Boyd is stuck in a dry well, having gone into one of the faraway trees. Tabitha fell through the hole she dug in her basement into a space where Victor told her to be quiet and to go with him immediately. The monsters sleep there, and he doesn’t want to risk waking them up. Colony House has taken a lot of damage after the monsters got in the night before and the storm that day. A charter bus full of unsuspecting guests just arrived, bringing additional help but also questions. From Season 2 adds more people and more problems in this inescapable town. Here are all the best theories and what you should know.

From Season 2 Episode 1

It is chaos when From Season 2 picks up right where the last season ended. Everything is a mess with all the disasters happening and without Boyd’s calming presence. Kristi’s fiance is on the bus, adding to the medical staff but destroying any hope of a Kenny and Kristi ship. One mysterious young man, Elgin, senses the danger they are in and panics when he sees where they are. He later has a seizure, making it seem as if he is in tune with something in this weird place.

While the bus driver refuses to do anything but gets back on the road, Kenny and Donna start shooting to make them go into the diner. Several other newcomers go to Jim and Tabitha’s house to try and help him find Tabitha, but, unfortunately, the house collapses and buries Jim and the men helping him in the rubble. Several newcomers panicked and ran, while a few went with the townsfolk to safety. No one has any choice but to leave the trapped men overnight and hope they can stay alive.

Jade is dejected by his failure and decides to roll his last joint, but before he does, he sees the red symbol on the wall and a screaming ventriloquist dummy. He hadn’t begun smoking yet, so this couldn’t be a hallucination. The dummy makes another appearance in From Season 2 Episode 1, in the chamber where Tabitha and Victor are. That puppet will be very important moving forward, as Jade and Victor have both had strong reactions to it. I wonder if Victor can see the symbol Jade sees.

Who did the diary belong to?

The diary that Jade found belonged to someone who lived in this town. He is in a Polaroid picture that Jade and Ethan find in Victor’s room. A man is holding the diary, and a very young Victor can be seen in the photograph. Presumably, he was one of the first to be stuck here, or he could be someone that Victor was running from. Victor could be in this town by his own choice and not know it. There are a few two many allusions to St. Elsewhere’s infamous snow globe ending, as well as Victor’s lengthy stay in the town might mean he created it from his imagination.

If he was an abused child, he could have accidentally created this pocket world to protect himself, but his imagination is so warped he brought scary things with him. People mistreated him so much that he brought his inner demons with him. Like Ethan’s Cromenockle, the monsters are figments of Victor’s imagination that come to life. If Ethan is correct and they must complete a quest, who will hold the keys to their success?

Are the caged children in the tunnels below the town in From Season 2 Episode 1 versions of how Victor saw his own childhood? Was he caged by those who should have protected him the most? Was he told he was a monster constantly until he began to believe it, and are these children manifestations of those feelings? If this isn’t all Fantastico, are these monster kids offspring of the vampiric beasts who try to feed on the humans by night? Maybe they are chained to keep them from wandering off during the daylight and killing themselves. But, as young monsters, they may not have the restraint or the maturity to follow the specific rules of existence they must live under.

Where is Boyd, and who is the chained man?

A man offers to help Boyd climb out of the pit by throwing him a rope if he promises to do something for him. When Boyd gets to the top of the well, he finds himself with an emaciated older man in a locked dungeon. The man asks him to kill him. The monsters may have fed on him. The other big question about the man in the dungeon is how he could throw a rope at Boyd in the well when he was chained to the wall. Is he a supernatural creature, and if so, is he good or bad? If he wasn’t chained up by the monsters, who chained him and why?

Curiously he has a wound on his abdomen. Is he doomed to live forever like Prometheus, getting his liver eaten daily? If so, what does that mean for the rest of the group stuck in town? Does that mean Boyd is our Hercules? So many people in town seem to be on journeys to find their way back to their loved ones, find themselves, or become better people.

The man could be like Sara, who has issues controlling her impulses after the voices speak to her. If that is the case, a human could have chained him there for everyone’s safety. The preview for From Season 2 Episode 2 indicates that the monsters didn’t tie him up. Is he implying that humans did it? He could also be lying. Maybe he is hinting that he did it to himself after tossing Boyd the rope for his protection.

A third possibility is that death may not work the same as in the real world. If a monster kills you, you become a monster, but if you die some other way, you might be stuck in a terrible limbo in the way you died. If the man died of starvation, chained to the wall, he might be stuck both alive on the wall and as a spirit with limited agency over his small world.

Could this chained man know how the lighthouse and the town came to be? It would be very interesting if he knew about the town’s formation and how to get out. Of course, he could have been chained to the wall to prevent others from discovering his secrets, or he could have been chained up because he was the creator of this hell loop.

Why does the chained man ask if Boyd is real in From Season 2 Episode 1?

This town has preternatural knowledge of its inhabitants. It knows what scares and motivates them. Little clues like a possible wedding dress that Tabitha reacts to and the ventriloquist dummy that Victor is terrified of pop up everywhere. Would it be that farfetched to think something or someone in the town has been sending monsters or tormentors to the chained man to torture him? Continuing that thread, maybe it uses that knowledge to shape the town and haunt everyone stuck there.

Is Boyd in the lighthouse? Is it possible that whatever lives in the lighthouse has chained up the man and is also the person keeping them all there? Someone spoke to Jim during the very brief radio transmission. They spoke mockingly when they told Jim Tabitha shouldn’t be digging in the basement. Could that person live and work in the lighthouse? Is it the same person who has chained up the man? The longer Boyd is away, the more vulnerable the town becomes, so I hope he finds a way out and quickly discovers all the man’s secrets.

Are they all dead again, like in Lost?

The creators of Lost had no trouble killing off the entire group in a disastrous series finale. Maybe this time, they are trying to do things right. If everyone stuck in the town is dead, there is no way out except to ascend or descend. Elgin and Boyd’s wife both claimed to remember the town. Elgin said he had a bad dream about this town, and Boyd’s wife said she remembered it from a dream just before she started shooting everyone in town to “wake them up.” The opening sequence gave us Boyd’s nightmare of the town. Are they all in a coma? Are they all dead? The fact that Ethan, Sara, and Elgin have all had seizures is significant. They are undoubtedly the key. Find all our From coverage here.