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The Outsider Episode 4 ‘Que Viene El Coco’ Recap

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Man, a couple at a diner are eating Brunch and it looks tasty. Eggs, Toast, pancakes….SAUSAGE.

The phone is ringing and its Holly checking in with Ralph. She is sending him articles about the child-killing she discovered. She also reports the child killer just killed himself in prison. Holly is outside waiting on the hospital of the nurse/child killer. She follows one of the cars from the cemetery and follows a woman. The woman turns around and sprays Holly with pepper spray. They are discussing the nurse. It is the woman at the front desk. She demands Holly give her identification and then invites her in. She comments she did not expect it from the nurse. He was supposed to be on vacation but showed up at work. He was also uncharacteristically quiet. Heath is the name of the nurse. He ran into Terry at the hospital. Heath’s mom vouched for him but the front desk lady knows she is lying because she saw him at the hospital.

Jack is out hunting deer and shoots one successfully. Glory Maitland is interviewing potential homeschool teachers. She catches the potential teacher in a lie and sends her packing. Teach was a reporter. There is an angle this show is taking to comment on sensationalism and I think its fascinating and unexpected. Back at the deer, Jack hauls his kill into the back of his car. His neck looks awful. Like a fourteen-year-old me’s face. Glory is out to dinner with Howard. Ralph and his wife are at the same restaurant. One of the other town members says some really shitty things to her and Howard stands up to defend her. The mean neighbor takes a swing at Howard and Ralph grabs the goon and gets him out of the restaurant. Its nice to see him helping Glory.

Holly is discussing what she has found out including Heath mysteriously coming in on his day off. Ralph writes down the word scratch. Ralph calls Eunice and asks for the footage from the day Terry potentially killed the boy. It’s a big ask. Later Eunice shows him the tape and Holly is up to see Terry’s dad. His name is Peter. Peter remembers playing cards with Holly. He also remembers her grandmother hitting Holly. We learn Peter’s wife set his bed on fire. He asks her if it was him. She wants to know who he is talking about. He also says he really fooled you. Then turns the television up as loud as it will get. Ralph is not really getting far with the footage. He seems to be obsessed with the strip club footage. He can see Terry scratching someone. Meanwhile, Jack is getting camping gear. Also, a lamp. That’s an odd mix.

Holly is talking to the security guard. She is trying to get information about Heath. He asks her for help. He agrees but only over dinner. She agrees. Their interaction is kind of sweet. He tells her “he has the strength of ten because his heart is pure.” I think he is trying to put her at ease she laughs a little. Meanwhile, Jack dumps all the shit he bought into a ditch, the same ditch the dead deer is in. Holly and the former cop go out to dinner. The seem to be hitting it off. They share some of the same history, and we learn she moved to Chicago because her mom died. She needed to start over. He learns that Heath’s DNA was all over the dead girls. They also found one of the girl’s pair of underwear at his place. Lots of evidence. We see through flashbacks that Heath’s mom drove herself into a light pole. We also learn that both families seem to have a curse. A BUNCH of them died in pretty awful ways.

At the strip club, Ralph is talking to the club owner. They enjoy a cordial if not friendly relationship. Ralph wants to know about Terry scratching him. The strip club owner doesn’t have anything new to add. Holly is doing this thing where she can name how tall a building is by simply by looking at them. The cop asks if she wants a nightcap. She declines but kisses him and then leaves. Later at another bar she is talking through the details of the investigation and wants to know how the two murders are related. The bartender seems to think it seems like a virus. Can you catch murder?

Holly knocks on the door in the middle of the night of the front desk lady. She wants to know if Heath took any trips out of state. They have a brief discussion about a trip to New York and the front desk lady gives her a postcard that Heath sent her from New York. Now Holly is researching crimes in New York around that time. There is a child murder around those times. It was a woman this time who was responsible for the murder. The postcard mentions he found a girl.

Holly wants to go to New York to talk to the women who is accused of the murder. Ralph agrees to cover her expenses. Later Jack is sitting in his office. He is staring at a blank arrest report. The deputy who was shot in the ankle is good friends with him, and she is concerned about him. He seems lost. There is mention of a baby shower later and the fact that he has to attend it. He agrees.

In a taxicab Holly remembers what it was like to get all kinds of tests. There is another adult there named Auntie Grace who gives her a doll while she is going through the tests. Holly finishes with the flashback and gets out of the cab at what looks like the airport. She is now in New York and is headed to Riker’s Island to talk to the other child killer. Also, of importance, the only child killer that is still alive.

This music is getting intense. There are two dudes sitting around at a restaurant giving the waitress a hard time. There is also a guy who was praying in a church but is now traveling in a parcel van of some kind. Holly is finally at Rikers. Glory says she had nothing to do with the murder she was accused of. Holly shows her pictures of Heath. She mentions she saw him and that he invited her out for breakfast but that she blew him off. We see she is not being honest and that they had breakfast and then went back and had sex. They discuss how Heath and her case seem remarkably similar. They both had alibis. We also learn Maria’s uncle and father were the two guys giving grief to the waitress. It was the grandpa of the boy who was killed that was driving the van. He gets out and kills both of them. Maria says in a whisper “what he does, can never be undone”.

Someone leaves Holly a piece of paper. The boy is talking to Ralph. It was a different guy in the van. It’s our car thief. He is describing a man that took the van. We know he was really scared of him. He cannot describe the man but offers to draw him. Holly is tracking down more leads at night and it looks like a shady neighborhood. She enters into an even shadier looking apartment complex. The note that was left is from a woman that lives in this apartment complex. They have a conversation about god and devils. She agrees that there are many devils. They talk about boogeymen. Coco was the name of the devil from Haiti. Jesus Coco comes to eat you. Truth and fairy tales. It takes what it wants. Man full on horror here. The boogeyman can take whatever form it wants. It takes what it wants. It is a grief eater. It craves the pain of the ones that are left behind. If the child is the meat, the suffering of everyone afterwords is the dessert. El Cuco is the last monster mentioned.

The boy has drawn a face of the disfigured man in the hoodie. Holly is back at her place researching El Cuco. She finds the name Pugot Mamu. That is gonna be an interesting one. Black Annis is another name she sees in her research. She sees Saturn devouring his son and El Coco is the final demon she visits. Holly takes a bath and submerges herself under the water and the episode ends.

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