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The Outsider Season 1 Episode 6 ‘The One About the Yiddish Vampire’ Recap and Review

The bus station looks like a shitty place to spend the night. Holly is waiting for the train and here’s the news of our suicide by cop guy. She is concerned and calls Andy. She tells him that she knew the guy and asks him to look into it. He agrees. She has no time for his sentimentality. She gets on her bus and pulls open the photos she took of the guy. She sees the wounds on the back of his neck. Andy tells her that the person who committed suicide by cop and Heath were first cousins. She loses the signal and closes her laptop.

Ralph is going over his evidence and finds both drawings of the hooded monster, and they look pretty freaking similar. Holly is still on the bus and Ralph is still looking at the evidence. His wife wakes up. Merlin the car thief is responsible for the second drawing. Jeanie is up and arms that the too drawings look so similar. Holly is having a bad dream of some kind. She pops awake and looks around the bus. She walks to the back of the bus. She sees the dead guy at the back of the bus. He tells her she needs to stop the bus because they are going to crash. She goes to the front and tries to stop the bus. There is nothing there to cause an accident but the driver hits the guardrail and stops. SHE almost caused an accident.

Now Ralph and Jeannie are talking about the drawings. He has a rational explanation for all the issues. She is sticking to her guns. He is sticking to his. Their conversation is kind and cordial. Jeannie wants to come to the meeting with Holly. She wants everyone that has involvement with the Terry case to be at the meeting. Jack calls and says he wants to help too. Sure seems like a fucked up confluence of opposing forces.

Jeannie is going through their son’s room and packing up a few things. Glory is trying to make breakfast for both girls. They are having a tough time adjusting to life without Terry. Jeanie has a favor. She wants Jessa to sketch the man she saw. Jeannie is asking details about the stranger. We get that he had holes for eyes and looked like a blurry version of their dad.

Ralph is meeting with his therapist. He blew off their last session. The therapist wants to know what is new. The shrink then tells Ralph that he better start being real with him, or he won’t recommend him to the review board. He also said he won’t share information with anyone. Ralph tells his therapist he saw his son and that his son told him to “let him go’. Ralph says the metaphor was pretty clear. Ralph feels it’s a big breakthrough.

Holly is on the bus when she gets a call from Andy. Tracy is the name of the guy who committed suicide by cop. He tells her that he found some victim’s fingerprints in Tracy’s car.

Ralph comes home and sees the pictures of the hoodied monster. It’s friggin terrifying and one of the most effective scenes in the entire show. Jack is picking up Holly (Whose freaking idea was that…for Christ’s sake). Jack takes Holly to a diner and is trying to get information from her. She isn’t compliant and comments he looks like someone is ripping out his heart. She comments “did someone you love just leave you”. He comments that his wife left, but he is thrilled about it. He then says they are late and they should go. She says the only thing she will say is that no one will believe her

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Jack is using the bathroom and is going through some stuff. He puts water on his face and there is suddenly the phrase “stop her” written on the bathroom wall. He is driving and asks her what exactly is it that they won’t believe.

The group is waiting for Holly, and they are trying to hash out exactly what happened including a theory of a mad scientist. Holly and Jack make it to the meeting. She starts to unveil her information but not before Andy emails her some information about Tracy. She goes through how all three adults were framed and selected to perform their roles. She is getting super esoteric. She says they need to expand their sense of reality. She then goes into her theory on the boogeyman. She mentions El Cuco and that its evil. Oh, shit Glory is really pissed. She thinks this boogeyman stuff is an insult and a waste of time.

Ralph’s boss man thinks Claude is the next one. Holly is explaining all of her theories to Jeannie who seems to be buying it. Meanwhile, Jack is listening to all of it and sees the phrase pop up on his hands ‘stop her’. Jeanie sees him in pain and asks if he is ok.

Lawyer and PI are talking and the Lawyer tells him the joke about the Yiddish Vampire. It’s pretty good. Meanwhile, Ralph is talking shit on Holly only to realize Jeannie has invited her to stay at the house and that she is also in the car. Jack is driving somewhere looking miserable. As they enter the house Holly takes a look at the pictures. It’s the timetable. Holly says that’s why he is killing ever 27th days. They then recreate Jeannie’s encounter with El Coco. Ralph is pretty derisive about Holly’s interpretation of the events. Holly is not having it. Holly is pretty forceful in her defense. Holly apologizes to him that she is a disappointment. She asks for scotch tape and colored markers. She creates a UV filter. She picks up all kinds of grossness. Ralph wants to have the residue tested. Holly is adamant it is the entity, and he is shedding like a snake.

Jack is back at his apartment. Glory is back at her house. She is going through Terry’s clothes. Jack gets out of the shower and someone says “heya there Jackieboy”. It apparently is his dead mother. Jesus this is pretty messed up. She tells him “you fucked up”. She jumps on him and starts to eat him up. Glory is emptying all the drawers and appears to be in some sort of fugue state. Jack is getting the shit kicked out of him.

Holly and Jeannie are trying to parse out what happened. Holly asks “how much does a hologram weigh”. They think what Jeanie saw was a projection. Ralph leaves and hears a ticking that gets louder. It’s coming from his son’s room. He asks the empty room “was it really you”? Someone calls him, and he says he will be right over.

Ralph is now at Glory’s house. Glory talks about keeping secrets from their spouses. Glory thinks maybe Terry actually did it. She asks what if he actually killed people. It is almost too much for her to admit. Ralph says his gut says Terry didn’t do it. He then says he will figure out the crime.

We are at the strip club. Claude is dealing with some shit. There is a fight and he tries to break it up. His bouncer pulls him off and reminds him he is on parole. He heads out the back of the club and has a cigarette. This whole show makes me want to have a cigarette. The chief is watching him and when Claude gets in his car and pulls out he follows him.

Ralph gets home and seems to pick a fight with Holly. Holly points out that the entity keeps trying to prevent them from having a conversation. That the monster feels threatened. Holly says did the monster come to you. What did he say to you? Ralph says it wasn’t him. But that someone came to him and told him to let it go. But that it wasn’t him. I know right it was your dead kid Ralph. Come on man.

Glory’s eldest daughter is putting back Terry’s clothes. Jeannie and Ralph are sleeping. Holly is printing off pictures. The next morning Jack wakes up and his apartment is trashed and covered in blood. He is barely alive and the shit on his neck is REAL bad. He says ok and then calls Holly. He tells her he has evidence that will make things more tangible. That he found things in the barn, and she needs to get a look at it for herself. He tells her not to tell anyone about this.

She surprises him by picking him up. He still looks like shit even with the cover-up. She is driving to wherever he is taking her. While she is driving she offers to give him a wet wipe to get the makeup off his face. She drops them on the floor and as he bends down to pick them up she sees his neck. She also knows from the pictures she took of Tracy what El Coco’s damage looks like. She claims she left something at the hotel and needs to turn around to get it. He says Naw and that they should keep going.

And that’s it for the first six episodes.

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